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Stretching Exercises

In order to get you back to optimal health as quickly as possible, Dr. Sean will prescribe a number of stretching and exercise regimes for you to do between visits to the clinic. 


The stretching video links below have been set out alongside the human skeleton so that you know what area of the body the exercise is designed to target. 


The videos are designed to be a quick reminder that you are free to use time and time again to achieve the health goals that you have discussed with Dr. Sean. 


We hope that you find them helpful.



1.  Neck

2.  Neck & Trapezius (Bag)

3.  Trapezius (shoulder) Muscle

4.  Pec & Shoulder

5.  Frozen Shoulder

6.  Wrist & Tennis Elbow





















7Lower Back

8.  Calf

9.  Front Calf & Ankle






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