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 Headaches & Migraine Prevention

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Headaches at best are unpleasant and at worst can cause debilitating pain and nausea.


What do you do when you suffer from that pounding headache? Do you grin and bear it?  Lie down in a darkened room? Pop a pill and hope that the pain goes away?


Chiropractic is a better, drug-free alternative.


Tension headaches can result from nerve interference or tension caused by misalignment of the cervical spine.


Did you know that research has shown that spinal manipulation is an effective treatment for tension headahes and those originating from the neck?

The research found that:


  • there was almost an immediate improvement in reported headaches emanating from the neck following spinal manipulation; and


  • there were significantly fewer side effects; and that there was longer-lasting relief from tension headaches compared to commonly prescribed drugs.


Another study found that there was a sustained benefit after four weeks from spinal manipulation in relation to tension headaches compared to those patients who received a commonly prescribed medication.


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