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What is a Chiropractor?

"He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."

                                               Thomas Carlyle

Derived from Greek, chiropractic means to perform with hands.  Chiropractic has been used for thousands of years, with evidence of the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks using it as early as 2700BC.


Modern chiropractic treatments were not founded until 1895 when an American doctor, Daniel David Palmer, developed the theory that the underlying cause of dis-ease was the misalignment of the spinal column.  He famously restored the hearing of a janitor by manipulating his spine.


These days, Chiropractors must be specifically educated in treating neuro-muscular conditions with their hands, and must undertake and pass a course accredited by The General Chiropractic Council  (GCC).


In 2001, the term Chiropractor became protected by law so that, like a medical doctor or dentist, anyone calling themselves a Chiropractor must be registered with the professional body, The GCC.

Typically thought of as bone doctors, Chiropractors are more accurately described as nerve interference doctors. 


Consider the spine as the protective housing of the nervous system; a Chiropractor will focus on identifying and correcting interference with the nervous system by maintaining the alignment of the spine using

specific, gentle but effective, chiropractic adjustments.


A Chiropractor does not treat specific symptoms per se but improves the body's ability to function by reducing vertebral subluxations (nerve interference / interruptions) with specific chiropractic adjustments.  By removing nerve interference, the body is then free to heal itself of symptoms of dis-ease and function at its optimum, allowing you to enjoy life again.


Chiropractors don't work on patients, they work with their patients on their journey to health.

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