Pregnancy-related Pain 

Chiropractic can resolve pregnancy related pain

Congratulations to you and your family on the wonderful news that you are expecting a baby!


Pregnancy is a wonderful and special experience for many women but for others, it can be both a physical and hormonal roller coaster.


During pregnancy, as the baby grows, the weight gain puts stress on the mother's spine and pelvis, which can be very painful.  In addition, the hormone, relaxin, causes the ligaments surrounding the muscles to relax in order to make room for the expanding baby.  Please see video link.  These factors can lead to conditions, such as:



Not only is it safe to visit a 

Chiropractor during your pregnancy, it is also extremely beneficial.


Chiropractic care can help pregnant mothers by improving pelvic stability and alignment of the spine, which are often thrown out of balance as your belly grows and your posture changes.


Dr. Sanders also employs The Webster Technique a chiropractic treatment that aims to prevent the occurrence of breech presentation.


Studies have also suggested that it can, in turn, help to facilitate an uncomplicated labour and birth.