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Neck Pain

The Cervical Spine (neck) provides:


  • stability and support for the head

  • protection for the spinal cord

  • ability to move the head in lots of directions


As the weight of the head is so heavy compared that of the neck, it is not surprising that it is susceptible to injury.  

Pain in the neck?  


There can be several causes of neck pain including:


  • poor posture

  • minor strain by, for example, sleeping awkwardly

  • sitting at computer for long periods

  • driving for long periods

  • spine degeneration including arthritis

  • stress

  • post-trauma / accident

  • more serious unlying conditions, such as meningitis or cancer

Problems in the neck (cervical spine) can also cause a number of other symptoms including:


Most acute neck pain will resolve itself within a day or two.  If it doesn't, try chiropractic treatment.

How does chiropractic alleviate neck pain?

As previously described, the purpose of chiropractic is to align the spine and to remove nerve interference (subluxations).  

Dr Sean undertakes an orthopaedic and neurological examination and adjusts the neck by gently manipulating the cervical bones that are found to be out of alignment.

Manipulation can often cause immediate relief, however, for more chronic neck pain, it may take a number of chiropractic treatments to resolve the problem.

Many patients say they "feel taller" after a neck adjustment due to the alleviation of pressure in the neck.

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